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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Asking for help early

Amazing week this week working with two 8 week old Huskies (puppy training ) a slim English bulldog ( severe jumping and pulling) and a Chihuahua  with aggression issues. The English bull dog can be seen on video soon, the pups were as all pups craving knowledge. The Chihuahua had developed fear based probably during early lead/harness training, but due to the owners having the foresight of asking for help early the problems will be resolved far quicker than if they had waited as is the norm.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Update from Andi and Family

I worked with Andi and his very committed family with their dog Fletch two years ago and back then it was it was impossible to work him, let him off the lead and trust him with other dogs. Now things are a lot more different.

Here is an update from Andi:

He's now off the lead on a daily basis on the park! I feel that this summer we really turned a corner with him. His recall is usually excellent and on some walks he socialises with up to ten other dogs.
Occasionally his chase instinct gets the better of him and he's gone. At first it was difficult to just let him go and not call him. But now i carry on walking and watching until the chase has died down and then call/whistle and he's usually straight back at high speed.

I feel some of this is simply down to him having matured and slowed down a little. But would like to think that some of it down to us and Bertie dogs hard work. Whatever the reason he's a pleasure to take out these days. Well, most of the time!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Bertie Friday inters

                                    A short clip from our Friday inters - Caroline and Jasper

                                                                 Doreen and Rosie

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


W e are now enrolling for our new dog training courses at both Oadby and Church Langton venues. The courses will commence: 9th and 8th November respectively. Place numbers will be restricted to ten in each class and you can either enroll via our website or in person. Please email or telephone for details.  Email: Tel: 07530 439561-

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Missing Dog at Brockshill Returned

During our training at Bertie yesterday I was informed by one of our members that someones dog, a springer, had been chased by two German Shepherds and headed out of the car park. one of our members  Phil, also a springer owner, decided to join in the search as did the rest of the members once the class had finished. Despite a thorough search not only around the grounds but neighbouring and distant streets Buddy could not be found. We gave up the search as it started to get dark around 10:00pm. At around midnight Maggie, Buddy's owner, was contacted by staff at Asda in Oadby who had found him safe and well and happy in their company. Apart from a slight foot injury Buddy is now happily home and no doubt being spoilt rotten.

Maggie has asked me to extend her thanks to everyone that joined in the search and she was overawed at the support that was shown to her at a time of considerable distress.

Nij Vyas

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Bertie Beginner and Inters

The last 4 months has marked the best period of training and commitment I have seen for many months. Members have shown tremendous commitment to the club and more importantly to their dogs at both Oadby and Church Langton venues.

Many people find the training process difficult however for me the basic ingredients are:

to keep things simple

be confident

expect to succeed

stay silent where possible  - remember body language is also another form of communication

trust your own judgement and learn to observe your dogs body language

focus on what you are doing and less so on the dog

if you are having fun your dog will pay you more attention

practice 4 times a day and not when you are taking the dog for a walk.

We will be outdoors as of next week so please bring sun cream, parasoles, plenty to drink etc

Nij Vyas